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2 January 1991
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Yellow there my name is Samantha. I am 25 year old female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I am bi that mean I am into boys and girls, I don't care if you don't like. I am Part Ukrainian and Canadian but only know English, but I am learning Ukrainian Japanese French. I love the color red black white purple. I am a big animal lover I love animals so very much. I live on my own with 2 cat's. I have 5 cat's at my family place with a newt. I wish I could have a farm full of animals. I am a anime\manga\video game lover nerd girl. I am kinda a tomboy type of female.

I am into so much stuff. Anime, Manga, Video Games, Cooking, Baking, Writing, Pen-Palling, Swapping, Trading, Movies, Music. Kawaii, Cute Stuff, Dark Stuff, Scary Stuff, History, Japan, Travel, Road Trips, Sanrio, Hello Kitty. Animals, Cats, Cat Stuff, Gardening, Yaoi, Yuri, Boys, Shopping, Letters, Post Cards, Stickers, Tea, Sleeping. Nerd Stuff, TV, Pokemon, Digimon, And so much more.

I don't mind any type of pen-pal. Male\Female\old\young\country\race. I just want someone to be friends with and write letters too. Someone to become friends with. Someone who I can learn about there country\culture from. So E-mail me or write me a letter.

I am only looking for snail mail pen-pals only. Sorry and thank you. You can send me mail to my address or E-mail me at my E-mail address.

Samantha Ewasiukl 155 Briarwynd Court T5T-0H4 Edmonton Canada AB.

Some video games I like\love Final Fantasy Harvest Moon Kingdom Hearts Pokemon Digimon Cooking Mama Tales Series Mega Man Phantom Brave Super Monkey Ball Dead Or Alive Dragon Quest series Mario Series Sonic Series Hello Kitty Chrono Trigger Chrono Cross The Sims Series Kirby Donkey Kong Mickey The Legend of Zelda Series and so much more most RPG are my thing but others are my stuff too.